2018-09-13 Colly wins Scratch Cup

2018 Scratch Cup Final.

Colm Cunningham became the Kilkeel Golf Club Scratch Champion after he defeated Joe McKnight on the 20th hole on Thursday evening.

The game, which was a see-saw affair saw Joe win holes 1,2 & 5 to go three up. However Colly came back with a birdie at 6 after hitting the green in two and won the 8th after a solid tee shot where Joe saw his ball slide off the side of the green. A half at 9 saw the game turn with Joe 1-up which quickly moved to 2-up after a solid shot into the 10th. 

Eleven was halved but 'Amen corner' saw changes as Colly won 12, 13 & 14 to go 1-up. 15, 16 and 17 were halved so Colly stepped onto the 18th tee dormy. A wedge to 4 feet saw Joe with a chance of a birdie and when Colly's effort stopped agonisingly short, Joe converted to take the match into extra time.

With light waning quickly, both players hit good tee shots but couldn't go for the green, so it was down to the pitch. Colly was 15 feet to the right and Joe 8 feet short. The first putt stopped a few inches short and Joe pushed his just right, so the match went on to the 20th (2nd) hole. Playing into the wind in almost darkness, both players got off the tee safely however both were faced with long shots in. Joe's attempt clipped a tree and stopped short, however Colly hit a tremendous 3-wood into the wind from 220 yards which stopped just off the back of the green. When Joe couldn't get 'up and down', Colly chipped to 12 inches and the game was over.

The match was played in good spirits and congratulations are due to Colm for winning the club Scratch championship, a deserving reward for consistent play all season.