2017-07-10 'Birdie' at 6th

'Birdie' at 6th!

Early morning starters for the Shoreline Coaches sponsored stroke competition on the 10th of July were searching for birdies and eagles, but a different feathered kind was stalking the 6th fairway. While walking over the crest of the hill, Robert Massey (the eventual winner of the competition with a net 68) spied a buzzard just on the ground in front of him. It quickly wheeled up into a nearby tree and viewed the goings-on below with a beady eye.

The following morning, the predator was there again, this time chasing small birds above the fairway. He stopped high on the branches of a tree to let the 'golfers' through and then continued on his quest.

He was about 18 inches in height with a wingspan of approximately 36 inches.

 Buzzard at 6th 2017-07-11         Buzzard

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