From Match & Handicap Convenor to all KGC Members.

We are planning to move to qualifying competitions very soon and to enable us to do so we need to introduce the Electronic Score Input system that is available through the Clubv1 system. The Mobile Score Input (MSi) function is available on the ClubV1 App which can be downloaded to your phone or other electronic device.

To begin this process we are asking everyone to download the ‘App’ to their electronic device and set up an account.

Images of instructions are available by clicking here.

I am aware that some people may not have the devices to use this new system, but as it is the only way under the current restrictions that we can have qualifying competitions I would ask that the playing partners of these people offer any assistance necessary so we can make this important transition as soon as possible.

There will be further instructions sent out regarding the MSi function and how to submit your scores.

Liam McCartan
M&H Convenor