Please see attached for results for FINAL placings of the Winter League 2022/23

In the concluding week of the Winter league it was all to play for with only 1 point separating the top three teams. Binnian, Meelbeg and Bearnagh were all vying for the bragging rights. Meelbeg faltered with 57 for 3 points while Binnian fared slightly better to claim 59. However it was Bearnagh who achieved the required points with 64 to get 6.5 points and claim the title with 1.5 points to spare. Gary Orr, Keith McCullough and Michael McAllister totalled the 64 points for Bearnagh to bring their team home in the winning position.
(Team Bearnagh – Gary Orr,Alan Henning ,David McCartan,Keith McCullough,Dominic Fitzpatrick,Nigel Cochrane,Michael McAllister,Kevin Poland)

In the other competition where the top 6 scores counted each week towards the overall total, Meelbeg (with the highest player turnout over the winter – 89%) easily achieved the highest points tally by almost 100 points over Binnian.
(Team Meelbeg – Jonathan Barber,Derick Hynes,Victor Quinn,Samuel Teggarty,Robert McConnell,Hugh Thomas Greene,Peter Fitzpatrick ,Seamus Fitzpatrick)

In the individual competition, it was Stephen Dunn who made a late run to amass 178 points for the 8 counting weeks and overhaul John Henning by 2 points. John maintained second place with 176 points on a tie breaker over Peter Fitzpatrick and Keith Little.

Thanks to all who participated in the Winter League this year. 50% of competitors played 11 or more of the 13 weeks with 8 members playing all of the 13 weeks. Only 6% (3 competitors) played 4 or less rounds.

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