2023 Junior Summer Golf for KGC Member’s children

Kilkeel Golf Club is seeking to develop the Junior section of the club this summer. In order to develop membership and to enhance and protect the future of the club, special rates are being offered for Member’s children or young relations to try out the game.

These special rates will apply to allow young folk who would like to avail of tuition which will be provided by our resident PGA Professional (funded by KGC) to ensure that children and young people get the right start.

They will have access to the Junior facilities, practice facilities, putting green etc. and when appropriate, entry to Junior competitions.

A registration/application form for the offer is available via a link at the end of this article.

The cost for this temporary membership for the 2 months is £5 for children aged 5 to 11 and £10 for those aged 12-15. The cost for children aged 16-17 is £30.

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Possible reasons to take up golf!!

Kilkeel Golf Club is a local course available to all and the management and members believe the game offers outstanding and lasting benefits for children and young people, particularly in supporting their wellbeing. Therefore it is now the perfect time for new families to become involved in this sport. Here are six super reasons why!

  1. Golf is a game the whole family can enjoy together:
    You can compete against, and enjoy playing with, your sisters/brothers/mum/dad and even your grandparents. It’s a great game for the whole family to enjoy together, and is perhaps the most truly cross-generational game there is!
  2. Exercise,by having FUN:
    For young children, golf is not only great fun but promotes excellent early movement skills and exercise. Being out on the course in the fresh air can help to create endurance (did you know that 18 holes of golf can take 10,000+ steps?), and the absorbing task at hand is great for kids’ confidence, development and wellbeing. Playing for fun or competing mean using ENERGY, co-operation and concentration to the max!
  3. Learning valuable life skills:
    We believe that golf offers young people the learning of life skills – such as resilience, respect and focus, promoting confidence and independence – that are also transferable and highly valuable in their wider lives, for example in times of school lessons, exams, home life and even peer group pressure, skills developed while practicing, competing and interacting in golf circles are beneficial.
  4. Making friends:
    Golf is great for making friends. Did you know that G.O.L.F. can stand for ‘Great Opportunities for Lifelong Friends’? Golf is also fantastic for early social interaction, with peers and also older age groups. Golfing kids can thrive as a group and when in their teens can also start to assess the adult world through playing with club members of all ages.
  5. A surprisingly inclusive game:
    At Kilkeel Golf Club we want to make the sport more accessible to people of all backgrounds. Participating in club competitions etc. foster a great team spirit for new players of all abilities and can help young people who can benefit from a lift in confidence and related understanding.
  6. Golf can be played at any age:
    Golf is impossible to master but is a deeply rewarding game. It is a sport you can enjoy, have a break from, come back to, swear you’ll never play again, and keep playing with your family for the whole of your life.

We know that golf has clear, powerful benefits for young people, and it can change young lives for the better. Therefore there is great scope for positive involvement from families, volunteers, professionals, organisations and businesses.

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Terms & Conditions:

  1. Completion of the registration form indicates full acceptance of these conditions.
  2. If oversubscribed, the decision of the Juvenile Convenor and KGC Council regarding who is accepted is final.
  3. All whose applications are accepted will be asked to adhere to the Club’s membership conditions and the etiquette of golf.
  4. Tuition will be organised and marshalled by PGA Professional. (Initial equipment required may be provided by KGC & the PGA Professional.)
  5. Parents / guardians will be expected to accompany their children when they first participate in junior competitions.
  6. Parents / guardians will be expected to provide appropriate supervision duties and chaperoning when required.
  7. Temporary Summer Juvenile members are not eligible to compete for the main prizes in the Juvenile Captain’s day competition.

Any questions regarding above may be directed to our Junior Convenor Lee Annett.

Click here for 2023 Junior Summer Registration form.