Synopsis of Council meeting 9th October 2023.

(Greens Report & Match & Handicap Report links at end of Synopsis)

Captain Paschal Morgan chaired the meeting.

Matters Arising: –

  • Ladies branch sponsor sign on tee marker has been repositioned.
  • Golf HR. Council agreed to sign up to Golf HR for one year. (A company who specialise in golf clubs) There is a need for the updating of Employees Handbook and a new employee contract template. Also agreed was the purchase of a Package which includes, Code of Conduct for members, Role descriptions for Council members and Disciplinary Procedures for members.
  • Videography – Took place on 21/9/23. In attendance were the 2024 Presidents and Captains.

Correspondence: –

  • Cowdy Association – Request to hold the Jack Craig Foursomes in Kilkeel on Sunday 1st September 2024 – Approved.
  • Sport NI Sustainability Grant – An application will be made for an 80% grant for solar panels.
  • Golf Ireland – Request to hold the Irish Seniors Men’s and Women’s Close Championship form Monday 12th -Friday 16th August – Approved.
  • Online Fire Warden Training – Newry Mourne & Down District Council are offering this training to include Fire Extinguishers and Fire Risk Assessment is available on Thursday 26th October 2023 9.30am – 12.30pm and 1.30 -4.30pm. Prebooking is essential Registration form via link
  • Junior Convenor – Lee Annett has resigned as Junior Convenor but will remain as an elected member of Council.
  • Joe Annett – Letter, expressing his deep concerns regarding the behaviour of our Captain following his suspension which continues to cause disruption within the club.

Discussion referencing Captain’s suspension.
The situation was debated at length, some members suggesting to put it behind us and move on, whilst others disagreed, highlighting a split in Council, Council decision being criticised, some Council members being challenged outside meetings, some members not speaking to each other, misinformation being circulated.

The President wished to express his opinion on the matter.
He firstly stated that he viewed our Captain as a valuable member of our club, both on and off the course. Stating that he would always go and represent the club and fight ‘tooth and nail’ to get his point for our club. Off the course Paschal has done more voluntary work than he had done and if there were more Paschal Morgans’ in the club we would be more successful both on and off the course.
However, he stated he could not defend the captain’s behaviour in Killymoon Golf Club, he said he would not be taking sides, but put himself in the shoes of the player. He talked through the sequence of events and how he felt about it.
President also advised Council that in the last six weeks he had seen and heard numerous problems and unfair criticism of the council, over the council’s decision to discipline the captain. He also said that members were withdrawing their sponsorship and boycotting fund raising, due to the council’s decision. The President said that it was not Mr Annett that got the captain suspended, but it was the breaking of the rules of golf that resulted in his suspension. He said that these problems needed to be fixed and the only person to fix them was the captain. He said that a message needed to go out to the members to address these issues.

Council agreed for Captain to meet with President to agree a statement to go out to members on BRS.

Hon Treasurer’s Report.
Victor Quinn presented the monthly accounts for payment.
An income and expenditure report comparison for this year and last year were discussed. Green fees and buggy hire are both down in comparison to last year.
Concern was raised regarding the income to date for the ‘Big Draw’- presently there is insufficient to cover the prize fund.

Sub Committee Reports

Members to be reminded to return their sales for the Big Draw. Sales are slow.
Tee Markers – Sponsors to invoiced £150 + VAT. Diana received list from L. McCartan 9th October.
Big Breakfast Fundraiser – to be organised. Competition and or Breakfast – Saturday 28th October. Breakfast £7.00. A big thank you to the Council members who are supplying the groceries.

Rough Mower – Cost of new one – somewhere in the region of £81K. Purchase to be considered next year.
Kristin Annett requested NVQ 3 course. – declined at present.
Richard Doran has completed his 6 months fix term contract and can be offered continuous employment.
Staff Rest Room – Captain suggested a concrete floor would be a cheaper option to repair floor-Agreed.

Report circulated to Council members. Can be viewed on Members section of website.
Details of Competition entries and Winners analysed as per handicap sections.
Winter League structure complimented. – Proposed start date 9th November.
Prize giving 4th November. Sponsors for 12th & 14th October Brendan & Joe Scullion, 19th & 21st October Declan Fitzpatrick, 26th & 28th October Granco Ltd. Annual Revision of Handicaps – end of November.

Party nights to be arranged. Entertainment booked for December.

Door closer to be fitted to door in Junior locker room.
Junior Captain’s Day – Saturday 16th October.


Elections – Full Members
Eamon Coulter 1 Riverside Mayobridge. Proposer Stephen Brannigan Seconder Aiden McAlinden
Paul Crilly 9 Rathgannon Warrenpoint Proposer Stephen Brannigan Seconder Aiden McAlinden
Peter Clerkin 27 St. Rita’s Park Rostrevor Proposer Liam Donnan Seconder Paschal Morgan

Young Adult 22-25 years
Daniel Sandford 3 Coastguard Villis Newcastle – Character Reference to follow.
Scott Kinley 60 Burrenbridge Road Castlewellan Proposer Damien Grant Seconder Frank O’Neill

Young Adult 18 – 21 years
Owen O’Neill 16 Castlehill Castlewellan Proposer Martin O’Neill Seconder Colum Carr.

All Applications accepted Proposer Liam McCartan Seconder J. Campbell.

Michael Sherry 23 Drumreagh Park Rostrevor Proposer Paschal Morgan Seconder Sean McClorey

Next Council meeting Monday 13th November 2023.

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