Council Meeting minutes summary 25th March 2024

Prior to the start of the council meeting the Lady captain & Vice Captain alongside Mr Allen McMullan were invited to discuss the centenary celebrations.
A sub-committee is to be set up to arrange events for the centenary.

Council meeting.
Robin McCullough, Frank Reilly, Joe Scullion, Jeremy Murray, Stephen Cranston, Liam McCartan, Daniel Sloan, Joey Annett, Lee Annett, Justin Bonner
J McKibbin, V Quinn, C Quinn.
Paschal Morgan & David McCartan.

Captain welcomed all.
The election of Brendon Scullion & Shane Lowey was agreed 9 votes to 2 with one absentee in accordance with the rules & constitution of the club.
The two gentlemen were asked to join the meeting.

Mr Harold Nicholson sent in his letter of resignation which was read to council. Jeremy Murray asked if a letter asking Mr Nicholson to reconsider would be worthwhile and Mr Christy Quinn replied that Mr Nicholson would not be reconsidering.
Two full members, one five day member and four juvenile members were voted in as members.
Question regarding winter league prize presentation, – decision made that they were to be collected from pro shop.

Treasurers report deferred to next meeting as Diana was on holiday.

Match & Handicap;
Mr McCartan read out his report & recommendations for stroke competition’s & opens etc.
Several questions were raised regarding winter handicap system and we were reminded by Daniel that Joe McKnight had went through this in detail the previous year. The council were to read McCartan’s report & the report on winter handicap from 2023 after the meeting.
There was a request for the nine hole competition to be played on the front nine and back nine on alternative weeks. It was explained that this was not possible due to players already on the course being affected at the tenth hole.
Visitors rate was increased to £30 for opens.

Greens report;
Mr Cranston read his report & explained how necessary a mini-digger was to the continued improvement of the course. It was decided that several prices were to sought before any decision would be made.
This was also the case with a much needed canteen for the green staff.
The subject of the minimum wage was raised & the increase was agreed across the board to prevent any upset among the staff.
Buggy paths were to be a priority on purchasing a digger as many members are unable to play for increasingly longer periods of time due to the weather.
Mr Brendon Scullion advised that members should be asked for a donation towards the digger & the Captain is to ask the Ladies branch for donation towards the same.

Mr Sloan advised that two new members of bar staff had started and Victoria had taken on extra duties regarding ordering etc. This will lighten the load on Diana regarding the bar.
The council requested a fresh proposal from the caterer regarding opens hours etc as the previous request was totally dismissed.

Mr Lee Annett to send a request out on BRS regarding volunteers to help with supervision etc & for a new sub committee for the same. When this is set up new fees can be discussed.

Mr Joey Annett presented the council with the type of tile and plaque combination he had in mind for the centenary wall, it was agreed that a black tile with the gold style plaque looked fantastic and we would proceed on that basis.
It was agreed to carry out the monthly 50% membership discount as a prize on the terms that it could be won by members or visitors but only used by a new member or returning member with an absence of 2 years minimum & for 50% of what ever category requested by the winner.

Summer membership for caravans to be agreed upon.
An easier way for members to pay for the lottery (Justin looking at this)
Quotes for the centenary wall to be obtained.
The captain asked Mr Brendon Scullion to be Senior convenor & Mr Shane Lowey to be Members convenor both thanked the captain & agreed.

Jeremy Murray
Club Secretary 2024
Celebrating 100 years of Golf at Kilkeel Golf Club