2017 KGC Classic winners

Kilkeel Golf Club Classic - Report and results.

The Kilkeel Golf Club Classic was held over four days from Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd July with some fantastic prizes for Gents, Ladies and Society golfers. The main sponsors for the event were Down PVC and Lexus Belfast.

Fundraisers and organisers

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2017-07-15 Open Week results

Results from Open week 8th - 15th July 2017.

15th July 2017 – Gents Stableford – Sponsored by KWM Wines and Spirits

Winner - Maldwyn Hanna (41) (BB6-13)
Second - Justin Bonner (41) (BB6-12)
Third - David English (40)
Gross - Paul McCullagh (72)

14th July 2017 – Ladies and Gents Stableford – Sponsored by Graham family in memory of Alan Graham

Winner – Dominic Murphy (38) (BB9-20)
Second –  Stanley Hanna (38) (BB9-18)
Third – William McKnight (38) (BB9-17)
Gross – Gerard Copeland (73) (Visitor from Ardglass)

13th July 2017 – Ladies and Gents Stableford – Sponsored by C.Knox for Histio UK Charity

Winner – Patrick McAstocker (44)
Second – Francis O’Neill (38) (BB9-20)
Third – Robert Laffin (38) (BB9-18)
Gross – Paul McCullagh (77)

12th July 2017 - Open Week Gents & Ladies Stableford - Sponsored by Hilltop Masonry

Winner - Conor Cunningham (38) (BB9-18)
Second - Joe Baldwin (38) (BB9-16)
Thrid - David Niblock (36)
Gross  - Richard Doran (78)

11th July 2017 - Open Week Gents & Ladies Stableford - Sponsored by Mr G.Smyth & Miss Chloe Fitzpatrick

Winner - Gareth Hanna (43)
Second - Robbie McMinn (39)
Third - Captain Declan Fitzpatrick (37)
Gross - Joe McKnight

Winner - Chloe Fitzpatrick
Second - Lady Captain Ann Teggarty
Third - Kara Sloane

10th July 2017 - Open Week Gents Stroke - Sponsored by Shoreline Coaches

Winner - Robert Massey (68)
Second - Dylan Medlicott (69)
Third - Roy Boyd (70)
Gross - Paul McCullagh (74)

9th July 2017 - Open Week Ladies & Gents Stableford - Sponsored by Mrs J McCartan

Winner - Aidan Sloan (37)
Second - Gareth Hanna (36)(BB3-7)
Third - Paul McCullagh (36)(BB3-5)
Gross - Conall Kerr (82)

8th July 2017 - Open Week Gents Stableford - Sponsored by Club Paul McCullagh

Winner - Connor Cunningham (41)
Second - Thomas Lappin (39)(BB9-22)
Third - Phillip Heslip (39)(BB9-21)
Gross - Gerald Kelly (75)

News & Results

2017-07-10 Greens Staff at work

Greens Staff at work.

The Course has been in fantastic condition over the past few weeks and has been well presented for members and visitors at the Open Week and the KGC Classic.

A lot of hard work goes into ensuring that the course can be 'enjoyed' (if that's what's supposed to happen in golf!!!) and thanks are due to all concerned with the upkeep of the course and greens.

Pictured below are some of the workers who were out on the course in the early hours of Monday morning.

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2017-07-10 'Birdie' at 6th

'Birdie' at 6th!

Early morning starters for the Shoreline Coaches sponsored stroke competition on the 10th of July were searching for birdies and eagles, but a different feathered kind was stalking the 6th fairway. While walking over the crest of the hill, Robert Massey (the eventual winner of the competition with a net 68) spied a buzzard just on the ground in front of him. It quickly wheeled up into a nearby tree and viewed the goings-on below with a beady eye.

The following morning, the predator was there again, this time chasing small birds above the fairway. He stopped high on the branches of a tree to let the 'golfers' through and then continued on his quest.

He was about 18 inches in height with a wingspan of approximately 36 inches.

 Buzzard at 6th 2017-07-11         Buzzard

News & Results

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